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Our speaker:

Professor Karyn Lai, UNSW

Date:     Sunday 20th February 2022  

Time:     4.15 - 5.45 pm  

Venue:   CWA Hall, 11 Horton Street, Port Macquarie

Entry:    General admission including seniors $10.  Pensioners and students: $5

              Pay on the day – please bring the correct change!  First come, first in.

Covid Safety: To enter, you will be required to follow Government safety guidelines and regulations.             


Sunday 20th February 2022

Our speaker:

Dr Karyn Lai is Professor of Philosophy in the School of Humanities and Languages, University of New South Wales. Her primary research is in early Chinese philosophy (especially Confucian and Daoist philosophies). She has investigated the nature of moral life in the Confucian tradition and draws on discussions in the Confucian texts to diversify our conceptions of ethics.  More recently, she has been exploring the Daoist texts, particularly the Zhuangzi (4th c. BCE), to understand what its fascinating stories tell us about mastery, action, knowledge and agency.  She is editor of the Chinese Comparative Philosophy section, Philosophy Compass (Wiley-Blackwell), co-editor of the Chinese philosophy section, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and Associate Editor of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

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